Nobody shares the same features, which is why we believe the haircut you receive should be like your very own fingerprint. Unlike most salons and barber shops we start your haircut according to the shape of your face and finish by straight razor shaving the nape of your neck and hand detail styling.


Master Barber: $50

Barber: $40



One of the oldest and most popular techniques of hair removal procedures by today’s standards. It takes a keen eye, light touch, and superior knowledge of the procedure in order to execute it properly. This is exactly why our barbers go through rigorous practical training and theory before being allowed to perform a hot towel shave. Our tools and products are top of the line to ensure the closest and most comfortable shave you could possibly have.

Master Barber: $60

Barber: $50


Double Blade

This is for the fellas that prefer to keep things close. Our signature Head Shave and Hot Towel Shave combo consists of a series of hot towels, ice towels, after shave balm, talc, and an in-chair massage. 2 fresh straight blade passes for the scalp and face. If you prefer to keep a beard, no problem, we will trim and detail it.

Master Barber: $110

Barber: $90



Whether you are bald or have a full head of hair nothing compares to our signature head shave. Using similar steps as our facial shave the Head Shave provides one optional and highly recommended extra step. That step is the Scalp Mask. The clay based mask pulls out debris, dirt and toxins stored deep inside the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Relaxing and healthy for the skin, it’s a great alternative to the average buzz-cut.


Ever have a haircut and one or two weeks later: you’ve lost the shape, and the hair on your neck has grown in? It is quite common, which is why we provide this important service! There is no cutting with shears involved. Just a simple restoration of the original outlines and shaping. Cleanup of the neck area is included. Quick, comfortable, and easy.


If you have trouble maintaining your beard, or if it’s just out of control, we are here to tame the wild beast! A trim varies from a more natural and subtly shaped beard, a sharply lined beard with defined structure, or something in the middle, we have you covered.



Moustaches… not for the weak willed or the light hearted. If not maintained properly it can break its brave and proud owner. With our precision trimming, texturizing, and detailing, we’ll give you a moustache Dali himself would be proud to wear.



This procedure is not commonly practiced by barbers; however, it is a service we provide for you. Virile Barbers are required to learn and practice this ancient procedure. Threading was developed hundreds of years ago in the Middle East and is still widely practiced throughout the world. What makes this a perfect alternative to waxing is its longevity before re-growth, severely reduced irritation, and incredible accuracy.